Natural Ways to Help Deal with Depression


If you or a loved one are suffering from depression, there are many natural ways that you can try to help deal with it.  I have personally suffered from depression for many years and these are the things that have helped me.

  • If you have access to a punching bag and some boxing gloves, use them.  I am just starting to get back into this. I used to do kickboxing and that boxing when we lived in England. It is such a great stress reliever and is very uplifting. It is also great exercise.  The picture above is of me in our basement.
  • Crank some music and sing and dance.  I admit to being a terrible singer but there is something so liberating about blasting some tunes and just going with it.
  • Yoga is an awesome way to deal with depression.  I have started doing a short yoga session daily again.  Not only is it helping me get my thoughts in order, it is also helping me get back into shape.
  • If the weather is nice, go on a walk. The sunshine really does help. Of course, if you are feeling really down, you might want to stay in. If that is the case, try to do some exercise even if it is just walking around the house.
  • Write in a journal. When I am really feeling low, I often find myself writing poetry.  Another thing that I like to write when I am feeling happy is inspirational sayings.  Then, when I am feeling depressed, I can look at them to try to cheer myself up. You can also keep track of goals in a journal.   That way when you are feeling overwhelmed because you have so much to do, you can look at how much you have actually done and hopefully this will bring a smile to your face.
  • Find a hobby that you love and allow yourself time to do it as often as possible.  For years, I painted ceramics and I really loved it. Sadly, it is not too popular now in my area so it is not as easy to get the supplies. I have since taken up paper crafting (and other crafts with my Cricut) and am learning how to sew.
  • If you are religious, go to church.  No matter what your beliefs are, there is a sense of serenity in church.
  • Get together with friends. Sometimes no matter how hard your partner or children try, you just need to laugh and cry with your best friends.
  • Try to de-clutter your living space.  There is something about clutter that makes everything seem worse.  It is like you can’t control all of the thoughts in your mind when there is a lot going on in your living quarters.  You might be able to make some extra money doing this too by selling some of your past treasures.
  • Act like a kid again.  We all have responsibilities but sometimes you just need to remember what it is like to be carefree.  The other day I went to the park.  Instead of pushing my kids on the swings, I allowed myself to soar.  I loved it!
  • Make a to-do list but break it down into achievable lists. I used to overwhelm myself because my to-do lists would be so long that I would not even be able to accomplish 10 percent of it. Then when I saw that I failed, I would get more upset.  Now, I have a list of everything that needs to be done but then I have all of the items put in order of priority.  If I can cross 3-5 things off of my list daily, I feel great.
  • Do something nice for someone else when you can.  Acts of kindness have a way of boomeranging back to you. I don’t mean that you should do something for someone just to get something in return. What I mean is that when you make someone else happy, it usually makes you feel better too.
  • Put yourself first.  This is something that I really struggle with. I always put everyone else before me and because I am so busy helping them, I forget about helping myself.  I am trying to change this mindset and have been saying no to others so I can get the things done that I need to do first.   Of course, I will still help others when I can but it can’t hurt my well being.
  • Do something nice for yourself.  If finances are not tight, pamper yourself.  Get your hair done or go for a massage or facial. If money is not available, treat yourself to a nice hot bath. You can put some relaxing essential oils in it such as lavender or geranium or a mind-clearing one like frankincense. Please remember, it is not safe to apply neat oils to your skin and they should always be diluted.
  • Use essential oils.  I started using oils more than ten years ago before it became the cool thing to do.  I make my own household cleaners and fresheners using uplifting oils such as lemon and orange.  It really seems to help. I also make my own muscle rubs and remedies for many common complaints such as a headache, stomach ache and period pains with various oils. Please note, I am not a sales rep for an MLM oil company and do not plan on being one. I am sure that the quality of those oils is great but I have found many companies to be of great quality at a much lower cost.
  • Remember a time when you were your strongest or your happiest to show you that you can do this and life can be better. My go-to memory is when I had my youngest son (now 4).  He had to be a planned c-section due to my first being an emergency one.  Because of a previous back injury, my right side did not get numb from the spinal.  There was nothing else that they could do besides knocking me out but the doctor asked if I could just try to get through it until they got my son out.  There was no point giving me more spinal fluid because there was something blocking it from going to my right side and there was no time for an epidural. It was extremely painful but I got through it. They did knock me out as soon as they got my son out (seeing as I nearly jumped off the table when they tried to stitch me back up). Whenever I am at my lowest, I remember how strong I was that day and I realize I can do this. Not many can say they went through a major operation while feeling the entire thing.
  • I was introduced to Bach Rescue Remedy when I lived in England. It is all natural and made from flowers.  I usually use the kind that you spray under your tongue but they also have pastilles, gum, drops, and creams.  If you are interested in purchasing Bach products, you can do so using my affiliate link here— Bach Rescue Remedy
  • Do something that really challenges your mind. I fell in love with Japanese Logic Puzzles when I lived in England.  My favorite one is called Hanjie. Sadly, I cannot get the magazine here that I used to purchase in England but luckily I bought quite a few when we visited last year.   If you are interested in trying Hanjie out, Amazon sells some books—– Hanjie.  Please note that this is my affiliate link.

What do you do to keep your depression at bay? Let me know. If you are really struggling and don’t know what to do or are having suicidal thoughts, please seek medical advice.  I have had to in the past.  It is not something that you should be ashamed of.

Take care everyone!

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