e-Poll is accepting applicants

e-Poll survey company

e-Poll is accepting panelists. I have been with e-Poll for a couple of years now. They offer interesting surveys including some that I take with my kids.  You can cash out for gift cards including Amazon, Walmart, Target and many more. You can also donate your points to charities, movie tickets or cash out via paypal. You will also be entered into their $1,000 monthly draw when you sign up.

To sign up with e-Poll, go here—  e-Poll registration

I love taking surveys. It is a great way to make a little bit of extra money (I save mine and use it for the cost of Christmas) and it is fun giving opinions.

You can see some of the other survey companies that I am a member of here— survey companies

I have won three different sweepstakes from survey companies.  You can see details in the above link for two of them. The other company is not taking applicants right now so I have taken them off the list.

Please note: you will not get rich taking surveys but they can bring in a little extra cash or merchandise.

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