Crafty Halloween Treats Using Supplies From Dollar Tree

This is a sponsored post written on behalf of Dollar Tree. All opinions are my own.

Halloween is nearly here and if you are looking for some cute, simple and frugal ideas for treats, look no further. Here are three different Halloween crafts that are sure to delight your visitors. Everything was made with supplies from my local Dollar Tree store.

witch's cauldron

Witch’s Cauldron Candy Container

I saw this two pack of salsa bowls at my local Dollar Tree store and the first thing I thought was how much they resembled witch’s cauldrons. I also made a broomstick out of a pipe cleaner and a paper bag (picture below).

salsa bowl

Supplies Needed:

For the witch’s cauldron

  • Salsa bowls
  • Black pipe cleaner
  • Adhesive of your choice
  • Candy (or other cauldron fillers)

For the broomstick (optional)

  • Yellow or brown pipe cleaner
  • Paper bag
  • Adhesive of you choice

I am sure that you can tell that this was super simple to make.


For the cauldron:

  1. Form an arch with the black pipe cleaner and adhere it to the inside of the salsa container with some tape.
  2. Fill the cauldron with candy or other fillers.
  3. You could write a Halloween message and stick it to the front of the cauldron.

cauldron with broomstick

For the broom stick  if you choose:

  1. Fold a yellow pipe cleaner in half.
  2. Cut about 1.5 inches off the bottom of a paper bag. (I used about a two inch wide section of this).
  3. Cut a fringe from the part of the paper bag that you cut to make it look like broom bristles.
  4. Wrap the fringed paper bag around the pipe cleaner and adher it with some glue (or adhesive of your choice).

This would be great to give to someone to put on their desk to share. You could fill them with other goodies such as craft supplies, beauty supplies, or whatever the recipients like and they can keep them for themselves.

Ghost sucker

Sucker Ghosts

These would be great to give out to Trick or Treaters or to your children’s classmates. They are really easy to make and very cheap.

Supplies Needed:

  • White tissue paper
  • Suckers
  • Googly eyes
  • String, ribbon, or rubber band
  • Adhesive of your choice (unless you have googly eyes with adhesive on them already)

Ghost sucker supplies


  1. Cut a 4 inch strip all the way across the length of the tissue paper.
  2. Fold it into thirds and fold it over the sucker.
  3. With a small piece of string (you could use ribbon or a rubber band if you prefer), tie the tissue paper under the ball of the sucker (I used Dum Dums suckers).
  4. Glue two googly eyes on to the tissue paper.

Pencil Broomstick

Pencil Broomsticks

If you prefer not to give out sweet treats on Halloween, these pencil broomsticks are a cute alternative.


  • Yellow pencil
  • Paper bag
  • Adhesive of your choice

pencil broomstick supplies


  1. Cut a two inch strip (give or take) off the bottom of a paper bag.
  2. Then cut this strip in half lengthways, keeping the height at two inches.
  3. Cut a fringe in the strip (about 2/3 of the way up).
  4. Wrap the paper bag fringe stip around the eraser part of the pencil and attach it with tape or glue.

I hope this gave you some great ideas for Halloween!  Other things that I love to get at Dollar Tree include gift bags, cellophane, glassware, and more. Make sure to check out the Dollar Tree tree website and also your local Dollar Tree stores. Stock varies by store so I shop at both stores in my city and also at other branches when I am out of town.

Disclaimer: I have received compensation in exchange for this post but all opinions are my own.

Please note that this post was originally written two years ago in 2014 but is still applicable now.

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