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Are you looking for a new (or used) vehicle?  If you are,  make sure to check out  Not only will you be able to search their database of available new and used vehicles for sale, you will find a lot of useful advice to help you with your major purchase.  They know that when you are buying a car, SUV, or truck, there are a lot of factors to consider, especially if you have young children. They have made the process easier for you by bringing you all of the information that you need to one place.

A big decision for families with young children is how car seats will fit in their vehicles. has done many car seat safety checks and published their results so you can compare different vehicles and make sure that you get the right fit for your family.  You can scroll through the pages of test results (all 55 pages) to see the data from different vehicles or if you have a specific vehicle in mind, you can do a search by make, model, and year.  They test each of the different vehicles with a Graco SnugRide 30 infant seat, a Britax convertible seat (models vary), and a high back Graco TurboBooster seat.   Each of the vehicles is graded on its latch system, accessibility of a third row (if there is one), and how each different type of seat fits in the second and third row (if applicable).  Convertible car seats are tested in both the front facing and rear facing positions.  The report also tells you how many car seats can fit in each row of the vehicle.  The grades range from A to F with A being the best.  As a parent, I know how difficult installing car seats can be in different vehicles. I wish I had known that all of this information was readily available when my kids were younger.

For families or carers with several young children in car seats, has published an article on cars which fit three car seats in the second row.  Some of the vehicles are coupes but as expected many are mini-vans and SUVs.  Of course, some of the vehicles will have a third row so even more car seats can fit in them.  You can also find different informational articles in their car safety checks section including one explaining why car seats expire.  It goes pretty in depth to explain why they do.  There are articles and videos on car seat safety including common mistakes that people make when installing and placing their children in car seats.

What I love about the car seat safety checks is that they are done by certified car seat technicians who have undergone forty hours of training.  Have you ever seen advertisements for free safety checks done via your neighborhood police or fire department? car seat safety technicians participate in those events when they have the time to do so.




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